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Curricculum Vitae

STREICHER was born on 25.10.1969 in Eisenerz / Austria

Technical education / artistic career autoditact

1991 - 1998 Technical training in fire-fighting and automotive engineering. During the technical professional activity artistically active (creative explanation and similar with technical topics) with exhibition activity and independent artistic work.

1999 Assisting with the painting of a passenger airplane according to a design by Prof. Ernst Fuchs.

2000 Order for the surface design of the airbus A321 "PARADISE WINGS" by an international air company.

2001 Artistic director for the construction of the luxury restaurant "PHARAONIC TEMPLE" in Graz / Austria. (Design, concept, detail planning, implementation, opening ceremony)

2001 Winner of the smart company design award by Smart Austria.

2002 Project and conceptual development Malta wall - for the appearance of the Kölnbreinsperre in Austria.

2002 Initial ignition for BOMB ART - color instead of grenades for a colorful happy world. An innovative method to create images by applying paint by means of explosives. The explosive color spectacle starts with "URBILDER" and "ONE" .

2003 LE GACH DEA GHUI - creation of the fourparts at a live performance together with the Dubliners in the Orpheum Graz / Austria.

2003 Formation of the artwork "ENTFALTUNG" (Development) - inspiration for the later series METAMORPHOSIS.

2004 Order to the series "FRUITS OF LIVE" for an ex (p) kl (o) usive calendar production

2004 Intergration of the works "SPHÄRENBOGEN" and "ALBERT" in the collection of the Otto Wagner Gallery in Vienna.

2005 Creation of "SYMBIOSIS". For the first time a fusion of explosion and painting takes place. There are several artistic levels in one work.

2006 Order for the overall design of an opel blitz. The historic fire engine vehicle receives an elaborate and detailed painting on the theme of fire and is refined in the interior by color explosion.

2006 Design and implementation of the drinking water fountain "DAVID" for use in public schools. Water as a reasonable alternative to "Volksverklebung".

2007 Design, concept and execution of the parkbank "ONE SUNBEAM" for Albert Schweitzer hospital in Graz / Austria.

2008 GOLGOTHA ​​2008 - the end of agony and torture - as the sky darkened - symbolic opening of access to information - pardonment of the easter bunny - free art performance in Graz / Austria.

2008 After years of exploration with war and peace - countless yes and no - this artistic epoch on 09.11.2008 with the golden shot "YES WE CAN" has an end. Streicher lays down the weapons and withdraws from the art of shooting.

2009 Deliberate artistic creations - RELOADING

2010-2011 Exclusively classic oil painting - coming back on the ground.

2012 Start of the series METAMORPHOSIS - works of explosive origin unfold - explosion as the cause of evolution.

2012 Emergence of the two works "OUT OF THE DARK" and "AMADEUS" classic and modern as a juxtaposition - who was who?

2013-2014 FREEDOM 44 a - transformation and dissolution of world of steel (society in chains) in freedom by implementing the oil painting FREEDOM - the distractions and details become secondary - everything concentrates on the central blue point in the center. The concept of hyper-origin arises - the man surpasses the machine - FREEDOM IS THE ENTIRE NOTHING BETWEEN THE THINGS

2015 THE COLORED HOUSE OF A. - the question of color

2015 Are mermaids real? Creation of the OCEAN WORLD QUEENS sculpture group on behalf of Cool Divers Worldwide.

2016 BACK TO THE ROADSTER - artprint SLK 200 - a path leaves traces

2016 NEW WORLD DISORDER - order and chaos - the key to the golden mean - the integration of femininity in the global economy as an essential and necessary balance

General discription

STREICHER's work is highly artistic with a conceptual background and reflects both his creative beauty and his original technical career.

STREICHER is an Austrian painter, illustrator, creative creator and has been living in Mallorca since 2009. Its basically creative intention is simple - leaving behind beautiful things - no more - no less. His technical training is a major trigger for experimentation and integration of various classical and modern techniques. He began to deal with painting in the 90s and gained more and more autonomy through his many years of commissioned work in his creations.

Thus, illustrations, graphics, sculptures, oil paintings, buildings, wall paintings and much more ...

The approach of his work is characterized by aesthetics with profound themes, which only reach the surface through a respective intensive examination - art may well be beautiful - innovation - contain information

His works are in private and public ownership

History of the actual work

The story as it comes to his current works in a few words:

After an image presentation at the World Trade Center NYC on 08.09.2001, Streicher began with the picture series Bomb Art - color instead of grenades for a colorful cheerful world. For 7 years, images were shot using explosives. In the Metamorphosis series, these images are now mirrored and digitally processed using modern technology. In strictly limited editions, works, series, variants, elevations and, in turn, evolution is created.